CK Shanghai, 15 Washington St. Wellesley, MA.

CK’ Shanghai sets itself apart from other Chinese restaurants by its authentic, but unique and refreshing cuisine. The founder and principal executive chef, C.K. Sau, has developed flavors which draw on his experiences around the world with the freshest of ingredients and attention to detail. CK’s experienced chefs and friendly staff is always proud to serve superb food with a smile. See why CK Shanghai has become a local favorite.

“The preparation and fantastic sauces make every dish a winner. The people are nice, the food is superb, and there are no parking issues… enough said.”

– Carolyn Faye Fox, Improper Bostonian

Lunch/Dinner Hours

Mon – Thurs 11:30 am – 9:30 pm

Fri & Sat 11:30 am – 10:30 pm

Sun 11:30 am – 9:30 pm

Dim Sum Brunch

Sat & Sun 11:30 am – 3:00 pm

Spring Rolls (2) 4.95
Filled with shredded vegetables, served with house sweet & sour sauce

*Szechuan Wontons 5.95
Steamed pork wontons in spicy sesame peanut sauce

Peking Ravioli (6) (Steamed or pan-fried) 7.50
Pork dumplings served with house ginger sauce

Scallion Pancake 6.25
Vegetarian scallion pancake Homemade Style, served with house ginger sauce

Crab Rangoon (6) 6.95
Boneless Spareribs 8.50

Fried Chicken Wings (6) 8.50
Fried Chicken Fingers 7.95
Beef Teriyaki Skewers (4) 8.95
Chicken Soong 11.95
Minced chicken stir fried with pine nuts, served with hoisin sauce and lettuce wraps

Shrimp Soong 13.95
Minced shrimp stir fried with pine nuts, served with hoisin sauce and lettuce wraps

Fried Calamari 11.95

Shanghai’s Combo Platter for Two 21.95
A platter of spring rolls, crab rangoon, chicken fingers and wings, boneless spareribs and beef teriyaki skewers

| Cold Appetizers |

Vegetarian Goose 7.95
Tofu skin rolled with bamboo shoots and shitake mushrooms

*Shredded Chicken in Hot Chili and Sesame Sauce 8.95

*Shanghai Cucumbers 5.95
Sliced cold cucumbers served sweet and sour with a hint of spice

*Sweet and Sour Chinese Cabbage 5.95
Marinated sweet and sour with a hint of spice

Cold Noodles with Sesame Sauce 7.50
Egg noodles with shredded cucumber and carrots served in house peanut sauce

Seaweed Salad with Sesame 6.95
Seaweed seasoned with sesame

| Soups |

Wonton Soup 3.75
*Hot and Sour Soup 3.25
Egg Drop Soup 3.25
Bean Curd with Vegetable Soup for Two 8.50
Day Lily Soup for Two 11.95
Shredded chicken with lily buds in egg white soup
Shrimp and Tomato Chowder for Two 12.95
House Seafood Soup for Two 13.95
Shrimp, scallops and vegetables served in light broth

| Chicken |

*General Gau’s Chicken 13.95
Crispy Sesame Chicken 13.95
*Szechuan Style Chicken 11.95
Chicken with Cashew Nuts 11.95
Chicken with Broccoli 11.95
*Chicken with Yu-Shiang Garlic Sauce 11.95
Chicken with Snow Peas 11.95
*Chicken with Yellow Curry 11.95
Lemon Chicken 12.50
Chicken with Assorted Vegetables 11.95
Chicken with Black Bean Sauce 11.95

| Beef |

Beef with Oyster Sauce 13.50
Crispy Beef with Sesame 14.95
Beef with Broccoli 13.50
Beef with Assorted Vegetables 13.50
Beef with Black Bean Sauce 13.50
*Hunan Style Beef 13.50
Beef with Green Pepper 13.50
Beef with Ginger & Scallions 13.95
Beef with Snow Peas 13.50
Beef with String Beans 13.50

| Pork |
*Pork Chop with Spiced Salt 12.95
Peking Spareribs 12.95
*Shredded Pork with Yu-Shiang Garlic Sauce 11.95

*Crispy Spicy Shrimp 16.95
*Szechuan Style Shrimp with Peanuts 13.95
Shrimp with Cashew Nuts 13.95
*Shrimp with Yu-Shiang Garlic Sauce 13.95
Prawns with Lobster Sauce 16.95
Prawns with Peppers in Black Bean Sauce 15.95
Prawns with Assorted Vegetables 15.95
Mango Prawns 17.95
*Hunan Style Prawns 16.95
Scallops with Mixed Green Vegetables 17.95
*Scallops with Yu-Shiang Garlic Sauce 17.95
*Fried Calamari with Spiced Salt 14.95

Buddhist’s Delight 10.95
*Chinese Eggplant with Yu-Shiang Garlic Sauce 12.95
Chinese Broccoli with Oyster Sauce 11.95
Sautéed Spinach with Garlic 10.95
Braised String Bean with Mince Pork (Avail. without minced Pork) 10.95
*Broccoli with Yu Shiang Garlic Sauce 10.95
*Ma Po Tofu Soft bean curd with minced pork and chili (Avail. without minced Pork) 10.95
*Hunan Style Bean Curd 10.95
Pea Pod Stems with Garlic 15.95
Sautéed Asparagus with Garlic Sauce 11.95

A Chinese classic with mushrooms, cabbages, scallions and eggs. Served with hoisin sauce and (4) pancakes for wrapping. Add $0.50 for each additional pancake.
Moo Shu
(choice of Chicken, Pork or Beef) 11.95
Moo Shu Shrimp 12.95
Moo Shu Vegetables 10.95

| Fried Rice |
Shanghai’s House Fried Rice 10.95
Fried Rice (choice of Chicken, Beef or Pork) 8.95
Fried Rice with Shrimp 9.50
Pineapple Fried Rice with Chinese Sausage 11.50
Scallop and Spinach Fried Rice 12.95
Vegetable Fried Rice 8.50

| Rice Noodle |
*Singapore Style Rice Noodles 12.95
Shrimp, Chicken and Pork stir-fried in curry spice

| Chow Foon |
Chow Foon (choice of Chicken, Beef or Pork) 11.95
Seafood Chow Foon 12.95
Vegetable Chow Foon 10.95

| Noodles |
Shanghai’s Double Pan-Fried Noodles(choice of Chicken, Beef or Pork) 14.95
Semi-crisp egg noodle stir-fried with vegetables

Lo Mein (choice of Chicken, Beef or Pork) 9.50
Shrimp Lo Mein 9.95
Vegetable Lo Mein 8.95

You may view the menu in your web browser by using the navigation above. CK Shanghai’s menu is also available in pdf.
Dim Sum Brunch menu available Saturday-Sunday 11:30am – 3:00pm.
Before placing your order, please inform your server if your party has a food allergy.
Gluten Free Options are available!

*General Gau’s Crispy Shrimp 16.95
Fresh jumbo shrimp with sweet and spicy tangerine sauce
*Crispy Sea Scallops with Black Pepper Sauce 18.95
Stir-fried with black pepper sauce on bed of broccoli
Walnut Shrimp 16.95
Fresh Jumbo shrimp with fruity glaze tossed with sweet walnuts
*Double Flavor Shrimp 19.95
Sautéed with two different flavors, Shanghai style and garlic white wine sauce
Sliced Fish Fillet with Chinese Wine Sauce 17.95
Stir-fried grey sole flounder with a light and flavorful Chinese rice wine sauce
*Shanghai Style Prawns 16.95
Sautéed with sweet onions in a spicy tangy sauce on a bed of broccoli
*Salmon with Spiced Salt 17.95
Chunks of fresh salmon fillets lightly battered and tossed in peppery Chinese spices
Sizzling Seafood Plate 18.95
Jumbo shrimp, scallops, calamari and vegetables served in a hot sizzling plate
Rainbow Calamari 13.95
Served in garlic white wine sauce with assorted vegetables
*Hunan Style Crispy Whole Fish
Seasonal Price Hand battered whole sea bass in C.K’s Signature sweet and spice sauce
Steamed Prawns with Garlic 17.95
Fresh jumbo shrimp steamed with ground garlic, scallion and cilantro
Fresh Lobster
from Captain Marden’s Seasonal Price

  • Ginger and Scallion
  • Black Bean Sauce
  • *Shanghai Style – Stir-fried with house special savory and spicy sauce
  • *Spiced Salt
  • Cantonese Style – Stir-fried with minced pork and egg

*Sirloin Steak with Black Pepper Sauce 21.95
Pan-fried sirloin steak with black pepper sauce served on bed of green vegetables
*Tangerine Crispy Beef 14.95
Strips of beef fried until crispy outside and tender inside in delicate spicy tangerine sauce
Chicken with Asparagus & Black Mushrooms 14.95
Sliced white meat sautéed with fresh asparagus and shitake mushroom
Chicken Zucchini 14.95
Sliced white meat sautéed with fresh green and yellow zucchini, asparagus, red bell peppers
*Three Delight Sizzling Plate 16.95
Beef, chicken, jumbo shrimp and vegetables in a special oyster sauce
Dragon and Phoenix 15.95
Crispy chunks of chicken and jumbo shrimp sautéed with assorted fresh vegetables
*Imperial Duck 15.95
Sliced duck meat with assorted fresh vegetables in our chef’s special hot and spicy sauce
Sliced Duck with Asparagus 15.95
Sautéed with asparagus in our chef’s original sauce
Peking Duck 41.95
Crispy skin and sliced meat of a whole duck, served with crepes, shredded cucumbers, scallions and hoisin sauce. (Please call ahead due to longer prep time)
*Shanghai Shredded Beef with Scallion Pancakes 17.95
Sautéed with julienne green and red peppers, shitake mushrooms in CK’s Signature garlic sauce. Served with Scallion pancakes. (Also available with shredded chicken)


C.K. Sau grew up in Hong Kong and started his apprenticeship with an acclaimed master chef at age 13. As a young man, C.K. traveled extensively to further develop and demonstrate his Chinese culinary skills in Beijing, Shanghai, Milan, Paris, and New York.

In 1985, C.K. settled to Boston where he was the executive chef of Sally Ling’s restaurant on the North End waterfront. In 1986, C.K.’s culinary expertise was recognized when he was invited inside the Forbidden City in Beijing and awarded the “Super-Grade Chef” by Grand Master Chef Association of Beijing, China.

In 1989, the National Registry of Chefs enrolled C.K. as one of America’s Outstanding Chefs. In 1993, C.K. opened New Shanghai restaurant in Boston’s Chinatown, which received numerous awards and praises from food critics.

In 2005, C.K. headed West of Boston to open CK’ Shanghai in Wellesley, MA. His mission was simple… to offer the very best and authentic Chinese cuisine in the suburbs. After 57 years in the kitchen, C.K. decided it was time to hang up the apron and entrust his experienced chefs and staff to execute the dishes he created for many years behind the wok.

Chef CK Sau “continues the Chinese restaurant tradition of offering hundreds of dishes from all over China. Standards are made with such care that the flavors seem to bounce on the palate. … Peking ravioli are much better than the usual and are obviously made in the restaurant. The little morsels, irregularly formed and tucked into a thin, gingery sauce, seem to melt when you bite into them. … Where CK Shanghai shines is in the details like its Shanghai-style appetizers, as well as in its specialties, saucing, and vegetables. Shanghai cucumbers have a crisp texture and a cleanly sweet-sour, vinegary taste. One of Sau’s signatures, sea scallops, boast crisply seared exteriors and a black pepper sauce that lilts on the palate.”

– Alison Arnett, The Boston Globe

“One visit and you won’t mistake this place for another Chinese restaurant.”

– Improper Bostonian

“Sau is a master chef and his finest dishes should be treasured.” CK’ Shanghai was selected as one of 29 best ethnic restaurants.

– Boston Globe

“Wide-ranging Chinese with consistently polished quality.”

– Robert Nadeau, The Boston Phoenix

From Points East and West:
Take Mass. Pike to Route I-95/128 south, to exit 21B, Route 16 west. Go right on 16. After the first set of lights, you will enter Newton Lower Falls. Cross the Charles River into Wellesley and CK’ Shanghai will be on your right, which is directly opposite Papa Razzi Restaurant.

From Points North:
Take Route I-95/128 south to exit 21B, Route 16 west.
After the first set of lights, you will enter Newton Lower Falls. Cross the
Charles River into Wellesley and CK’ Shanghai will be on your right, which is directly opposite Papa Razzi Restaurant.

From Points South
Take route I-95 north or I-93 to I-95 north.
Follow I-95/128 north to Exit 21, Route 16 At the top of the ramp, go left
(west) on Route 16.
After the second set of lights, you will enter Newton Lower Falls. Cross
the Charles River into Wellesley and CK’ Shanghai will be on your right, which is directly opposite Papa Razzi Restaurant.

CK Shanghai, 15 Washington St., Wellesley, MA.


CK Shanghai, 15 Washington St. Wellesley, MA.

781-237-7500 | 781-237-7015